Why You'll Love Working With Us!

“Despite multiple different people, we’ve never been able to do it in a way that we could see month in and month out. Actually looking at that compared to budget, to be able to understand in our business what’s happening with any singular financial decision. With Jarrod and his team’s expertise, we’ve finally gained the clarity and consistency we needed to confidently navigate our financial landscape.”

– Brian Bogert

“Luckily around that time I found CFO Expertise (Jarrod) and I was a little bit intimidated by the idea of a CFO. It was a big jump……. a big investment and I wish I could Honestly go back and tell myself to do it sooner.”

-Kat Receveur

“CFO Expertise & Jarrod has been an absolute godsend for our business. We were referred to him from another DTC company that we were at a similar stage with, and that we really trusted their advice and Jared came highly recommended by them…….and he has completely transformed visibility into our analytics.”

– Danielle Gronich

“Their attention to detail not only has given us accurate insights, but it also improved the health of our financial records, and it feels like I have a CFO on board.”

-Victor Velazquez

“Jarrod and the CFO expertise team has been a huge reason for our growth and success. That’s what his team really brings to the table is knowing what levers to pull, knowing which verticals to spend money in and why you’re doing it.”

– Mike Lee

We are Ready to get to Work!

Let’s chat about how CFO Expertise can drive your e-commerce store to new heights. We can’t wait to create a strategic plan that’s just right for you, your business….and your growth.