Testimonials - CFO Expertise - Dennis Collins

Working with Dennis, and advice for contacting him:

If they are looking for a high energy individual who can hit the ground running in a fast paced environment and help with Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Cash and Vendor Management, Standard Cost, Profitability by Customer and Product Line, Materials Management, HR, Notable Relationships with outside CPA firms and Financial Institutions and Attorneys, Resolution to Critical Issues and Cost Saving Initiatives then I am definitely the person to contact. In addition, I can take their sales to the next level.

As a CFO, Dennis has a history of pulling together very complex sets of financials to enhance financing needs solutions and tracking. He will be an asset to any organization.

Greg Linnebach, DMin

Buying, building, selling great companies

Dennis Collins is a out-of-the box networker. He introduced me to the power of networking through linkedin. His recommendations afforded me local opportunities that I otherwise would not have considered. I would feel confident to recommend Dennis to any of my clients.

Angela Ostroff

Proven Advertising Sales, Media and Digital, Account Executive

Dennis is a perseverant individual that has a distinguishing ability to create good relationships and relate well to others. Although I did not interact with Dennis on a day to day basis, I could see his results through other people in the finance area.

Fernando Lopez

General Manager, Grainger Mexico

Dennis is never hesitant to attack the ‘impossible’ problems. He does so with energy, enthusiasm, and dedication while maintaining his cheerful positive attitude. In addition to his technical skills Dennis is masterful in fostering interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships, working well with people at all levels in other functional areas. Dennis is a pleasure to work with.

Gil Christopher

Managing Partner, Webster Wilkinson

Dennis is a responsive professional and team member. His positive attitude and experience made him a valuable part of the finance department, with whom it was a pleasure to work. Dennis’ ability to communicate effectively with diverse, cross-functional teams allowed him to successfully complete inter-departmental projects.

Elsa G. Guerrero

Business, Marketing & Sales Strategist