Beginnings - CFO Expertise - Dennis Collins


“After the Doors Closed”

By Dennis E Collins

When you are in the Accounting and / or Finance arenas, there is not much that takes place within an organization where we do not get involved to some degree. With that being said, I could recognize the warning signs month after month as we prepared the Financial Package for the Board of Directors for Castle Harlan (PE Firm) in New York at AdobeAir Inc. Then the reality really hit when I was served papers from the bank putting us into Receivership, which resulted in the doors being closed and the assets sold. It was the closing of the doors and the process of locking up wherein my self-worth was deflated. All of the employees were let go. We were fortunate to get what compensation was due us and any vacation pay that had not been utilized. We did not get any job or outplacement assistance at all.

I went home that day feeling like in some way I had failed the company. I kept reflecting on what else could have been done that the company might have been saved. However, the reality was that it was not my fault and I kept telling myself that repeatedly. But, I had extended the viability of the company for much longer than it would have had I not implemented some of the policies and controls in place when I did.

For a couple of days, I was in shock and wallowed in self-pity. So much of my life had been devoted to the company, but now it seemed as if it were all in vain.

After three days of letting it all sink in, I got out my resume and began updating it. I had my job descriptions and knew my notable accomplishments so this facilitated getting it done. I also called every recruiter I knew and told them what had happened and asked them to keep their eyes and ears open on my behalf. Then, I proceeded to post my resume on Career Builder, Jobbing and Monster websites. I applied for anything and everything that had accounting in the description and / or job requirements. I think at one point I had applied for about six thousand jobs through the internet. I realized at the time my submittals were like shooting for the sky, but it helped to feel I was doing something even if it was unfocused. I quickly learned that my efforts needed to be focused and directed and meaningful in order to be of value and to bring results.

The scary and nerve wracking part for me was that I knew I was in for a long road ahead as other companies were closing and reducing staff at the same time. A number of CFO’s were let go and I knew when they were out that more than likely the company had closed down and / or filed Bankruptcy. I knew there was going to be a lot of tough competition as well. In the past, I had always found opportunities from people I knew or by calling a recruiter and telling them I was ready for a new challenge. I knew immediately this time that I was going to have to be creative and that I was in for a big challenge.

Just the thought of networking and meeting strangers tied my stomach up in knots and I was scared. It even got to a point of making me sick to my stomach. Being a CFO, I am a conservative individual and interact professionally with others but I am not the center of the stage type of individual or one who draws attention to myself. I believe that actions speak louder than words. I went to my Doctor and he prescribed something to calm me down. I found the relaxers to be very helpful. It was not something I was proud of, but it was a necessity. It was at this point I felt armed and ready to tackle this thing called Networking. I felt like I might be able to do this social interaction they were calling Networking and attempted to put a plan into place to make it happen. You will find I am a strong willed and determined individual and I am also half German. My being stubborn helped me achieve and master this thing entitled Networking.

Networking Events

Then I found myself attending Networking after Networking events and attending workshops and training sessions to learn how to Network. The first element to work on was my elevator speech. It is what you tell others to make them interested in you and what you can do within a matter of seconds. Throughout this time, I continued to work on my elevator speech. It is an on-going process – even today. Then, I learned that I needed Networking business cards and what they should incorporate and look like. The business cards were ordered and I also ordered magnets for my car to get my name out there. Never in a million years did I ever think I would resort to having my name and phone number on a magnet and attach it to my car. The more I talked to people and the more I learned the more I tried to improve at Networking. Since my initial cards, I have completely redesigned them and am using the revised set of cards. In addition, I paid two individuals notable dollars to redo my resume. It seemed the more I compared mine to others and with the format of resumes changing; I felt it was an essential investment. However, the bottom line is that if you ask a hundred different people to review it that your resume that you will get a hundred different opinions.

Career Coach

Then, I even met with a career coach. His advice to me was that I had to get in front of people who were working and people who could help me. I will never forget that I looked him square in the eyes and told him that there was not any way on God’s earth that would ever happen. I could see the look of disappointment all over his face. I told him I was not a sales person and I was not the center of attention type of individual. I knew he had a point, but I had to figure out how to get in front of people in a way that was comfortable for me and did not include going to events where there were hundreds and hundreds of people. At these events, you would find me in the corner by myself. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to do. About an hour after the event started, I was headed to my car. I had quite enough.


Then, I kept hearing about this thing called LinkedIn. I did not have any clue what it was or its functionality or purpose. There were a number of individuals who wanted to Link with me on LinkedIn. I was not even on LinkedIn or did not know anything about it. I was very determined to figure it out on my own. Therefore, I managed to get my profile set up. I set up my profile, which took a notable amount of time and several intervals of working on it. I found out that it was recommended that you complete your profile in order to be 100% so your profile would come up on top of others who were not 100% complete and had names similar to yours. Being 100% complete means you have your complete profile set up and you have photo of yourself on your profile and I believe you need at least three or more recommendations. The requirements keep changing. I put a picture out there initially but the more I could see that I needed to change it. Therefore, I had a photographer redo it. It is much more professional looking than the other one.

Once I was set up at 100% and ready to go, I thought again about what my career coach told me. He told me to get in front of people who are working and people who can help me. I took LinkedIn a step further and learned to join groups on LinkedIn. Then, it all hit me how I could do what my coach said within my comfort zone. I could get in front of people who could help me and people who were working in a way that was within the parameters of my comfort zone. I normally view my LI Profile left to right but one day I went right to groups and noted I belonged to forty five groups. Then, it dawned on me that with this number of groups, I probably had access to three million individuals. But the overriding question was how do I get in front of these individuals. Then all of a sudden it came to me how I could get in front of these individuals. It was like writing on the wall.

I joined LinkedIn Groups and at first chose Manufacturing Groups, CFO Groups, CPA Groups, and groups that included Attorneys, Banks and Executive Forum Leaders. I went through each profile of members within the group. If I saw a profile that impressed me and it was someone I thought I could help, then I reached out to him or her via LinkedIn. In addition, I tried to get in front of leaders and Board Members of groups so that they would remember me even if I did not attend all of the group events. My hope was that I could get in front of them over a cup of coffee and that there would be mutual synergies wherein we could help and respectably refer each other. I originally called it Networking over Coffee and I got so many responses that they did not drink coffee or it was against their beliefs. Then, I resorted to Networking over a Beverage and that took on other connotations. So, I resorted to Networking at Paradise Bakery which seemed to work effectively. In order to reach out to them, I did it through the LinkedIn Groups and sent them a message from their profile. It was worded something like the following: Networking at Paradise Bakery and then in the body it would say something like:

I just noted your impressive profile in the LinkedIn Group CPA Networking Group wherein we are both members. I wondered if you might be up for Networking at Paradise Bakery (From here on in to be referred to as just Networking) so I can learn more about what you do and how I can refer you respectably. If they were out of state, I would ask for a phone call. Then the next paragraph would address individuals we may know in common and / or say something to the affect that we may be linked to some of the same and / or different individuals within the group. This earned me an opportunity to get in front of them or a phone call in many cases because I made it about them and I noted we were in the same LI Group and we may have connections in common – which made it more meaningful to them.

This was followed by: It is my hope that we will find synergies wherein we can help and refer each other respectably. Please let me know if you would be open to meeting with me. I look forward to hearing from you and to meeting with you. Dennis (And List my E- Mail and Phone Number.)

While we were total strangers by denoting we are in a group together and may be linked to some of the same people brings it closer to home and they are more likely to accept your invitation. Also, the tone of the invitation is that it is about them and not about you – which makes it more welcoming to them and not like you are trying to sell them something. What my Career Coach told me about reaching out to people who were working or could help me came to fruition. I then had a heart knowledge of what he was saying but doing it in a way that works for me. I tell everyone that LinkedIn is God’s Gift to Introverts and it is a Blessing.

I reached out to numerous individuals within each of the groups to which I belonged at that time. I was surprised and taken back with the responses I received that they in fact agreed to meet or have a phone call with me. My focus was on Presidents, VP of Operations, VP of Sales, CPA firms, Banks and those orchestrating Executive Forums. I was shocked at the positive responses I received. I remember responses like: I would be happy to; I would be honored to, and How about Tuesday? In addition, the one that touched me the most was after such an eloquent request, how could I or anyone say no? I was blown away. This was from a President of a Company in Scottsdale. I immediately began scheduling Networking Meetings with a number of individuals. I was juggling sometimes fifty or so appointments at a time and trying to keep track of whom I was meeting with and when and where and the time. In addition, I made sure I had an office or cell number – just in case. In many cases, there were numerous e-mails back and forth trying to get something on the calendar. However, I was persistent and finally we were able to get the appointment booked. I also recall being very impressed with an individual in one of my groups and I so much wanted to get in front of him. He was a well-known author of several number one books on Leadership. He traveled the world internationally and had an extremely impressive profile. I reached out to him using my template and was astounded when I got an E-mail from him wherein he indicated he would welcome a phone call with me since he is in New York. We scheduled the call. I made sure I was prepared and the call resurrected. He was an extremely talented and gifted man. At the end of our conversation, I said to him Mr. and used his last name – what was it about Dennis Collins that enabled me to get in front of you when I know thousands must be trying to get your attention via a voicemail and / or an E-Mail. He paused a moment and said Dennis there are two reasons you got to earn a phone conversation with me. One was your very impressive profile and the second was the manner in which you reached out to me. It was all about me and not about you. This told me everyone else was asking for favors. He reviewed my resume and gave me an awesome critique. I was to follow up with him in a couple of weeks. It was a Friday afternoon, and I really didn’t pay attention to the time but thought it would be near the end of his work day there in New York. When he answered his phone I could hear noise in the background as if he were at a Networking Event. I said to him, Mr. and his last name. Where in the world are you? He told me he and his wife were at a restaurant visiting friends they had not seen in years. I was so touched. First of all, because he took my call. Secondly, because it was obvious I had his personal cell number. I told him, “Mr. (Last Name), you get off this phone and enjoy your guests and we will talk next week – which we did.

I always dressed business casual when Networking so that the individual did not feel that I thought it was an interview. During each day before a Networking Meeting, I would E-Mail to confirm that we were still on the following day and that nothing had changed. Each morning I had a schedule of who I was meeting and I printed out their LinkedIn profile. If I did not know the location, I printed out MapQuest as well. Then I would get dressed and head to my appointments. I took the profile so they would know that I had reviewed it and knew somethings about them because of my research. In addition, it enabled me to know a few things about them so that we could get the conversation started. I always made sure I knew three of four things about them to break the ice.

I first did a firm handshake and introduced myself and waited to be asked to have a seat. Once we were seated, I immediately thanked them for meeting with me. Then I let them know that I was networking with a number of Senior Level Managers like themselves and that I wanted to know more about their background and what they did. Then I also wanted to know what types of referrals who would be good for them be it, a customer, a client, an employee either from a personal or business sense. They would tell me about themselves and what they did and what would be a good referral for them. You will find people love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments and it works for me. This information was written on the back of their Profile by me. Before I let the conversation change, I ask them if I can reiterate back to them what I heard to make sure I had it right and they are always glad to listen and are impressed that you want to make sure you got it right. Then I ask them if they might be open to sharing three contacts who might be open to having the same type of conversation with me that I just had with them. They are comfortable because they know what your conversation was like. Sometimes I got names and numbers on the spot. Other times they would offer to E-Mail them to me. Thus, I might have up to three or more appointments from a single meeting. Once again, I would thank them for their time and then we would exchange business cards. I asked them if it would be okay to send them a request to LinkedIn and they would say yes. Many times, they had assumed that we were already LinkedIn. I make it a practice of meeting with or having a phone conversation with all of my contacts. Being able to point out mutual connections helped in getting in front of them. I came up with the idea of introducing them to my LinkedIn connections once we LinkedIn and they thought that was an awesome idea. I call it doing a “promo” on them. They asked me why I did this and I told them there were three reasons. The first one was to let all of my connections know who they were and what they did and what were good referrals for them. The second is that it is a small way of showing my appreciation for their time during our meeting. The third reason is so that my connections know that if I can Promo someone on LinkedIn that I met with and / or had a phone conversation with them. This adds integrity to the Promo. They were not someone that I just LinkedIn with to add to my connections. Then, I went to the other appointments that I had scheduled that day.

When I got home at the end of the day, I sat down and wrote each one of them a handwritten thank you for their time and sent a LI Request if we were not already LinkedIn. I placed the cards that I had obtained that day in a pile. Then, each morning I would introduce one of them to my connections by denoting on my home page of LinkedIn that I had met with them and a bit about them where it says Share an Update. In addition, I included their web site if applicable. I never ever provided e-mail or phone numbers. I respect each individual’s confidentiality. The idea was to let my Linkedln connections know that they were approachable and what they did and to refer them. When I posted them on my LinkedIn, I would copy and paste it and send it to them in an E-mail so they knew I had done what I had promised and exactly what I had stated.. In addition, when I met with anyone they referred me to, I always sent them an E-Mail letting them know I had met with them and thanked them again for the referrals.

My claim to fame has been “Leadership with Integrity”. I decided when I started LinkedIn that I wanted to “Link with Integrity” as well. That means that I either meet in person or have a phone conversation with each one so that I can truly refer them respectably should someone reach out to me and ask about them – which they have done. I also enter their V-Card information in my Outlook. I post their name and contact information. I also copy and post what I had posted for them on my LinkedIn with their information, along with the day we met, and if they are open to telling me their birthday. I keep all of this in Outlook. Thus, it is a good referral in the event if someone asks me how long I have known this person and what they do. I can refer to it so I come across as knowing things about the individual. They also say six warm touches in order to be known as a good contact. I send out quarterly messages to all of my connections via a mail merge software. I check to see how they are doing and if anything has changed that would require me to refer them differently. Then, I do a two sentence paragraph about me. Also, I send them a note on their birthday which is a day I think of them specifically. Thus, I touch my connections five times a year. This has been well received.

In a few occasions where I did get a no response, I was able to turn it around and convince them that it would be worth their while to meet with me. I remember one C- Level individual who responded asking who I was and what I wanted and what was this all about. He indicated he was a busy man and didn’t have any time to waste. I politely indicated that I had reached out to a few others in the group and they had already agreed to meet with me and we had appointments scheduled. Thus, they knew what it was about and were willing to meet with me. I indicated if he was too busy that was fine as others were already meeting with me. I had to be creative and know how to articulate my response. This gentleman then responded how about next Tuesday at my office. I had reversed his original no to a yes and aroused an interest and he had to know what I was doing. Since joining LinkedIn, I have linked with over 500 people and met probably about well over a thousand face to face.

Then, I got the idea of putting a Power Point of my skills on my LinkedIn. Therefore, I developed a Power Point and placed in on my LinkedIn. I have received a number of positive comments on it.

Initially, I concentrated on individuals in the Phoenix area, but have since then started having conversations and linking with individuals in other states to broaden my connections. You will not believe how many individuals from other states have referred me to notable individuals in Arizona and or told me about career opportunities in the Phoenix area.

Another part of LinkedIn I learned to utilize is starting discussions in the groups wherein I am a member. For example, I wrote a one-page paper on effective Networking techniques and posted it via a discussion on all my groups. I entitled the article, “How can I help you”? Then I posted the paper. I received notable positive comments to this action. Shortly after I sent it out, I got an e-mail from a gentleman in New York asking to have a phone conversation with me. We made the appointment and conducted the phone conversation. He called to tell me that I was the first one since he had been in transition a year and a half ago that entitled an article, “How can I help you”? He told me that most people reached out to him for what he could do for them. He was a CFO in transition at the time and is now working in the mortgage and financial services industries, and asked me to refer realtors to him as I meet them – which I have.

In addition, I have used my LinkedIn Share an Update to post jobs for connections and see if anyone might be a fit, and networking events, and other relevant information for both those who are working and those in transition. I once posted about a position on my Share an Update and believe it or not they found the perfect person four steps removed. That mean I shared the position to someone On LI who shared it with another person who shared it with another person who shared it with the person who got the job. You will find I have also utilized E-Mails to introduce one connection to another. At the same time, I have asked others to introduce me to some of their connections. It is disconcerting to me when I ask a LinkedIn Connection about a connection of theirs and they do not know anything about them, which tells me they just accepted their request to Link. They may also be a LION which is a LinkedIn Open Networker – it denotes they will accept all invitation requests.

At one point, I was doing so much work on LinkedIn that I had to upgrade my account to where I was paying about $50.00 a month. This allowed me to do more introductions and to see who had been viewing my profile. In reaching out to others and joining groups on LinkedIn, it drove activity to my profile. There was one 24-hour period where fifty people had viewed my profile. Then, I would click on their profile and thank them for taking the time to view my profile and asked them if they had any questions. In addition, I would ask them to Network if they were in the Phoenix area. I have had people from all over the world looking at my profile. Or, if they are out of state I would ask them if they were open to a phone call.

All of my efforts on LinkedIn collimated at an FEI meeting which I attended. A gentleman came up to me and asked how my search was going. I told him I was still working on it. He told me that wherever he went it seemed that my name would come up and it was always in a most respectable manner and was from people who knew me or had Networked with me. He told me that I had to be the next one to land. We were just finishing our conversation when some friends walked up and told him that Dennis met this person and that person and went to this event and that event. That told me they were reading my daily updates on LinkedIn and following what I was doing. You will note I have more following me on LinkedIn than I do connections.

All of this activity on LinkedIn and reaching out to people had me juggling up to 200 e-mails a day and trying to schedule time for Networking with individuals and denoting networking events and times was very overwhelming at times. I feel blessed in that the vast majority of my LinkedIn connections are C-Level individuals and above.

There was one individual who reached out to me and wanted to get together. We were supposed to meet on a Wednesday and he was to set up the appointment. Wednesday came and I had not heard so I called him. We did E-mails and calling back and forth for about three and a half months. I finally decided it was time to meet or not meet him. I sent him an E-mail and told him there was a coffee shop right near his office and I would get coffee and be waiting there at his office door the next morning and we could have coffee before his workday started. I immediately got an e-mail about meeting Tuesday at 2:00 PM at the Paradise Bakery at the Tempe Market Place. We finally met and had a great conversation. When we were done, I asked him if I had pushed the line a bit and he told me that he very much admired my persistence and dedication and that I got what I wanted which was to meet him face to face. He also said if I had pushed the line that we would never have met. There is a lot to be said about persistence.


In addition to all of the preceding activities, I also found myself working on a number of other things. If I volunteered, I hoped that would get me visibility for my efforts in my community and for giving back. Thus, I found myself volunteering for MIT, AZ Technology Council and the US – Asia Expo and other events. I got a subscription to the Phoenix Business Journal and it came weekly on Friday. I found myself going through two sections. One was the “On the Move” and the other was “Companies Featured”. I would pick a few individuals who had received promotions or landed new positions and look at their company site to get the address and send them a hand written note commending them for their achievement and asking to hear their success story while networking. This helped me get in front of a number of individuals. In addition, I reached out to Presidents of companies noting their ranking within their industry. For example, I would send to the top ten ranking law firms, commend them on their success, and ask to meet them for Networking. Once again, I got in front of a number of individuals that way as well. Again, these were hand written and addressed notes. It got me in front of a number of accomplished and successful individuals. One attorney took me to four events. He is awesome. We are still connections now. My confidence level is so high now that I feel I could get in front of anyone with whom I set my mind to meet – including the President of the United States.

You will also find that I posted for consulting work on Craig’s List and replied to job ads on Craig’s list. As I met others in transition, I reached out and helped them as well. I either reviewed their resumes and / or helped them leverage LinkedIn, as I had, and / or showed how I was getting in front of people. I even wrote a one-page paper on Effective Networking that I shared with them and in a discussion on my LinkedIn groups. It went worldwide. The whole idea was to show that I was helping others and that it was not all about me. Had I not been in transition, I would have never learned my Networking Skills and been able to share them with others and help them achieve their goals as well. In addition, I would never had met such awesome individuals and many have become close friends.

As I met individuals and heard about their backgrounds, I would introduce them to my LinkedIn connections whenever I felt it was warranted for the purpose of their businesses complementing each other or combining interests or for what other reason I thought it would be a good thing. I introduced one of my LI connections and I had six people reach out and want to meet him. I referred an individual to three of my connections and he met with all three and landed business with one of them.

I even got a Twitter Account, which is @CFOExpertiseDC and I taught myself how to get on to it and how to Tweet and I have been doing some linking and tweeting on the site. I also found out that I could tweet from my LinkedIn account, which has saved notable time.

I was also in the process of trying to get on a Board for a Non-Profit. I was able to secure a Board Position and was a member for nearly three years.

In many ways, my experience with being in transition and networking has earned me the reputation of being a “go to” person for various reasons. In fact, my friends call me the “King of Networking”. I consider it a real honor to be viewed in this light.

One of my LI connections reached out to me in one of the Christian Groups. He told me he had been watching my posts for quite some time and he labeled me as a “Man of Integrity” and told me he would be honored to be a LI Connection of mine. We are still friends now.

I received a request from one of my LinkedIn connections who asked me for a copy of my resume. He was someone I had met a while back and I trusted him. Within a couple of hours, I got an e-mail from him where he sent my resume to some of his contacts soliciting my resume and he is a CFO in transition as well. That caught me by surprise and I was taken back that someone in the same field would solicit my resume to their connections. It was heartwarming.

During this transition period, I also got involved in the political arena to see what I could do relative to working in that arena. I volunteered and campaigned for a number of candidates and got involved in my own district. I even talked to a woman on the east coast about interviewing with her via the internet and sharing my skills and what I do on her radio show. Again, just don’t limit yourself to individuals in your own state.


Throughout this time, I did some consulting. At times, I was working 60-65 hours a week and keeping the networking, E-mails, and everything else still moving forward. I even met individuals after work and on the weekends. I tried a number of MLM’s as well, but found they were not for me. In addition, I ran into some people who needed start up funds to get their business started and I knew people who could get them funding. In most cases it was a favor to a friend and knowing what goes around comes around. I soon learned I needed to be compensated for my efforts as I was giving to a point it was hurting me and I was losing focus.


Throughout my transition, I did get interviews and work via my LinkedIn Connections – for which I am truly grateful. I even took a folder to each interview with my resume enclosed and their individual names and title and the date on the front. In my mind, I was doing everything I knew to be a step up from the competition. Because there were so many out of work, the competition was much more intense and still is in our economy. I was determined to take the extra mile to land opportunities – which I did on the consulting side.


Technologically speaking I was determined to keep up with individuals younger than me to show I was up on the latest in technology, (Cell Phone, Lap Top, Tablet) In addition, it was an underlying feeling that I was competing with them and I was determined to keep up with them. Again, I followed up with a hand-written note each time, thanked them for their time, and asked to be a part of their team. I made it clear I wanted the career opportunity. And I wanted them to know I was keeping up with technology.


I went from short stints of being depressed and feeling worthless, but I had an over-riding determination to land on my feet. After all I am half German. I had feelings that I might not be the most handsome candidate and I might not be on the front of the GQ magazine, but I am who I am and happy being myself. God created me as I am. I have had feelings of being overwhelmed and unorganized until I conquered it and became organized. I had a melt-down when all the activity of meeting with people got to be so much that I lost total control on who I was supposed to meet and where. In addition, some had then started communicating via e-mail vs. LinkedIn. I went through each e-mail to follow the correspondence with each individual until I figured out when and where my meetings were to take place. Then, from there on in, I kept up with it. It was overwhelming the amount of E-mail correspondence with individuals to set an appointment and there were times I would have 200 E-mails to go through every day.

Transition has also allowed me to encounter feelings of admiration and dedication. People who followed me and have seen all of my activity on LinkedIn and in groups and all told me they admired my dedication to finding an opportunity and that they admired all I was doing and admitted they were not doing nearly what I was relative to a job search and / or Networking.

Recently, I have reached out to some high-level and executive type individuals and they have thanked me for reaching out to them. They indicated that during this recession I was the only one that had reached out to them and that made them feel good that I was the first. It proves to me that there are some awesome people out there who are willing to give graciously of their time to individuals. It is all in how you approach them and how you articulate your invitation. By now, I would have thought people would feel like they had given enough to Networking and would not be participating anymore. However, I am finding that people are awesome and very responsive. In addition, I have referred them to others who could use their business, they completed business, and that was satisfying.


During this time of transition, I tried to keep a handle in all areas that I have previously mentioned. Just so you know, this was not all that I did. I had family obligations. In spite of this, I can honestly say that I have gotten up every day, got dressed every day and faced whatever that day brought.

The Next Door

With all of this networking and all of this activity, all I have heard is that I am doing all the right things and that it will happen any day now. I have heard this repeatedly. However, in my mind there is still something that I am missing. Through networking last week, I met Richard Swanson and he shared what he was doing. He asked me to write this story of my activities since being in transition. Richard is launching a new business and my hope and prayer is that what he does is the missing link in my search and together we will open the next door for Dennis Collins and I will be able to start a new chapter in my life.

“From Then Until Today”

Well, Richard’s Business did not launch. I leaned so much and grew so much from being in transition. I am grateful for what I learned and that being how to understand and sympathize with others and to help others to find opportunities and help them to Network.

I have been consulting for myself under the company name CFO Expertise at Multiple Companies. I had made a connection many years ago and recently he and I reconnected and he is doing my website for me. My cards are being redesigned and I need to get a new photo. I also need to redo my Power Point Presentation. My site is being done by Eric Jackson at Verispect Marketing and he is incredible to work with and we just finished my business cards and my site is now ready for launch.

I have learned so much and grown so much as a person and am proud of who and what I have become. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Let me know how I can help you.